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Bollywood Wedding

Wedding With Lavishness

Heavyweight weddings including lots of lavishness. This wedding refers to the social status values, the richness and glorious taste of Indian tradition. We provide lot of dedicated services for this type of special demand. Which includes

- Dedicated Wedding Planner
- Dedicated Theme Manager
- Dedicated Decorater

- Dedicated Makeup Artist
- Dedicated Fashion Expert ( Customized Jewellery/Customized Dress)
- Dedicated Photographer/Videographer 
- Dedicated Choreographer
- Dedicated Manager
- Dedicated Account Manager
- Dedicated Hospitality Manager.
- Dedicated Catering Manager
- Dedicated Editor
-Dedicated Pandit/Maulvi/Father Services

Which also includes some on demand services. Those who have special taste they also have the detail eye on every aspects. Thus we assign specific experts for various projects. We also provide such services which are specifically made for special couples who want to make memorable and spicy their grand day. Some more services which we provide includes-

- Bachelorette Party

- Cruise Wedding/Yachts Flavours

Helicopter/Private Plane Services

-Celebrity Entry

- Celebrity Performers/Chefs

-Media Management/Cover

- International Wedding- More than one Location

-Flavoured Wedding- Underwater wedding/ Balloon Wedding/ Adventurous Wedding and so more.

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Disclaimer- Images are for references only. These will be changed by passing the time.

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